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Okie Born. Okie Bred, Okie Proud. 

We are Patrick and Amanda Dickerson. Just a couple Okies with a big ol family and always room for more! We are a blended family of 8 and we have big plans for our family and we are happy to keep you updated right here on our website!


I wanted a website to showcase all of our plans and allow everyone to follow along and this is the product of my hard work. Be sure to tell me how good it looks because it sure is taking up a lot of my time!!


Look under the Great Dane tab and learn about our beautiful fur babies; including past puppies sold, available puppies for sale, our sires and dams, and articles on our practices for keeping our family healthy and happy!


Look under the Info tab to read all the articles from things our family is into and info about Great Danes and puppy rearing! There is never a dull moment with 6 kids, 3 dogs, and a mommie and daddie as crazy as us! And follow us on instagram and facebook for updates as well! 

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