Naturally Healthy Puppies

Our main focus is the health and wellness of our family. Over the years it has become a habit of mine to follow the "natural" path. God's creation is perfect. Nature will show us how to take the best care of ourselves and of our animals. 


Vaccines are not natural. God did not create any living thing without a defense system (immune sytem). Injecting foreign materials via vaccines into their body bypasses their natural immune system (meaning that naturally they would have come into contact with the virus through their skin or mouth or nose etc.) and can lead to autoimmune issues and many other side effects. Most importantly for our puppies: their vaccines are not effective until after 16 weeks of age due to the antibodies from their mother's milk still being viable. Once you've taken your puppy home it is your decision to vaccinate him or her to whatever extent you wish. But it is important to me that you know all the facts and risks involved.


Just like us, our animal's immune systems are directly influenced by our diet. If dogs weren't domesticated they would be eating a 85% or more meat based diet with extremely limited vegetation. Currently we are feeding Diamond High Energy adult dogfood to all our furbabies but keep watching us for our switch to raw! We have always loved Diamond food and will continue to suggest it to our buyers who will prefer a dry dogfood over a raw diet but we understand that raw diet is the best and most natural way to support your dog's best life!

Natural Birth

The process of birth is best left undisturbed. It is this way with humans as well as our dogs. Okie Pride Puppies does everything in its power to keep the birth process natural and undisturbed. Emergency situations can and will arise but lacking an emergency we trust in the process and let our dogs whelp on their own. 

Health Concerns for Great Danes

  • Bloat

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Wobblers Syndrome