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The Dickerson Herd: outnumbered on all sides

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Welcome, y'all, to our gorgeous new website! My name is Amanda Dickerson. I'm the mama: the Head Coordinator.  My husband is Patrick Dickerson. Hes the Paterfamilias. We are a blended family. Together we have 5 kids. 4 rowdy boys and one sweet, spoiled, little girl! We also have 3 puppers! Our two Danes, Rory and Bullwinkle can be read about here. Patrick's truck buddy is Ellie May the pitbull (her nickname is Jelly because shes an attention hog!) And then there is the kitty Knuckles. He thinks hes a dog. So 2 of mama and daddy, 5 kids, and currently 3 animals. Outnumbered on all fronts! Our hands are full but you should know our hearts are so full!. Our babies are wonderful and I can wait to share them all with you!

My day job is running a state licensed daycare out of our home. And Patrick works in construction operating the heavy equipment. Patrick and I met in August of 2017 and were married in May of 2018. It took my husband less than 2 weeks to know we were going to last forever. And I hate it when he is right! (Lol!) We are taking on this life of ours together head on and we have such big plans for our family!

And that is why I created this website. Right now we are establishing our breeding program for Great Danes and after that you'll just have to come back and see  about us a few months down the road!

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