• Amanda Dickerson

Bullwinkle: the Gentlest Giant

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Our Bullwinkle is such a special, special boy to us! His temperament is exactly the reason they call Great Danes "Gentle Giants". This boy, who's shoulder is 32 inches high, has the softest mouth I've ever seen on a dog. We taught Rory to give us "hugs" and she loves to do it! She will give anyone who asks a hug. But Bullwinkle refuses to put his paws on anyone's shoulders. He understands that he is too big and is so extra gentle! He has been that way since he was a puppy. He has never been "mouthy" with anything. He was always given toys but he never chews them. He will chew a bone, but the toys: he just snuggles with them! It's the sweetest thing! He also will gather items from around the house, usually clothing, and he lays down with the shirt or whatever between his front feet and snuggle his nose on them. It gives me the heart eyes!!!

The kids love playing with Bullwinkle because Bullwinkle likes to talk back to you! He was very timid as a puppy. I had no idea how much puberty effects male dogs but Bullwinkle didn't start gaining confidence until after puberty (around 6-8 months old). But as a baby he kept to himself a lot. Then he realized that I thought it was cute when he barked. So because I laughed at him when he would bark at me, he would do it over and over. He and I would have shouting matches and everything. So now, almost anyone can look at Bullwinkle and say the word "bark," "woof," "arf," or something of that nature and he usually will bark back! The kids think its a pretty special trick of his.

We are very Okie Proud to have Bullwinkle as the Paterfamilias of our Okie Pride Great Danes.

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