• Amanda Dickerson


Well its been a year and what a year it has been! 2020 was a doozy for everyone and Okie Pride is no different! Change has been the theme for our family since our last litter in 2019. We have a new mama dog, a new baby, a new abode in a new town and the paterfamilias was blessed with a new job.

Our new mama dog is Minnie Mouse. She is a Chocolate Brindle Merle who carries tan point, chocolate, blue and merle. She is a beautiful girl and so full of life! Energetic and smart and she is seriously the best mama! She just had her first litter on Christmas Eve 2020! It was a small litter but that was perfect for us! Her and Bullwinkle did a great job and blessed us with 3 blue brindle babies and 1 male chocolate brindlequin! You can watch them grow here. (link to follow).

Harper Elaine Dickerson was born in July this year. Mama needed another girl to even out the score around here! She is the perfect last human addition to the herd and we are so over the moon for this chick!

We have temporarily relocated to Beggs Oklahoma. You know we aren't leaving our beloved state of Oklahoma but we moved away from Owasso which is North of Tulsa to Beggs which is to the South of Tulsa. In the near future we have plans to plant our permanent roots with a big piece of land to homestead on with our herd! Stay tuned for that excitement!

We are still dedicated to bringing you your new best friend! Breeding healthy, quality companions in the most beautiful colors is always our goal.

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