• Confederate

    Confederate is a Blue fawb and I cant wait to see these guys full grown! If you take him home you have to promise to send me photos of this STUD MUFFIN when he is a big boy! 

    A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your puppy until theyre ready to come home after their 8 week birthday. The $500 is deducted from the total sales price and the remaining balance is due before the puppy leaves my posession.

    Your puppy cannot come home to you until he or she is paid for in full. You're welcome to make installment payments however you like or you can pay in full on the day they come home. Puppy cannot leave my possession (either to you or to a transporter) until he or she is paid for in full.

    Acceptable payments are cashapp, zelle, cash, money order, cashiers check. No checks. No paypal.