• Liberty

    Liberty is one of our merle babies! We thought as she grew that we would see stripes in her spots like the others but this girl surprised us with blue fawn merle pattern! Isn't she gorgeous? She will be a beautiful adult! 

    You can view our full contract here:

    Puppies are sold to approved homes under a contract agreement that includes a mandatory spay/neuter policy, return policy (in case you ever cannot keep your puppy for any reason), 2 year health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support.

    When your puppies comes home you also receive proof of their AKC registration, vet records and a welcome home pack with essentials for the transition to home and a few small gifts from us.

    If you want to register your puppy you will receive the forms to submit them to AKC after I receive proof that puppy was spayed/neutered. We are happy to pay the late fees associated with waiting until they’re 18+ months to turn in their registration.